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SMS Messaging for Clinical Trials

Whether your participants have the latest smartphone or a basic mobile device, they can start right up with Med-Quest SMS Clinical Trials. SMS, or text messages, are an incredibly scalable way to collect data from participants by using the device they already use every day.




  • Save on hardware costs by leveraging your subjects’ existing devices.
  • No need to train subjects. If they can text, they can participate.
  • Automatically interact with subjects and get alerts if attention is needed.
  • Reduce site visits by collecting your data remotely.


  • Subjects can answer questionnaires from anywhere with reception.
  • No extra devices for your subjects to worry about.
  • Reduce the need for site visits and the related headaches for subjects.
  • Reduce dropouts by making it easier than ever for subjects to contribute.


  • Fully validated 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA compliant system.
  • Hundreds of thousands of subjects since 2007 with millions of data points.
  • Handle contingencies such as missed questionnaires automatically.
  • Alerts you when attention is required without the need for constant monitoring.
  • Monitored and maintained by IT professionals to prevent disruptions.