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Who We Are

Since day one Med-Quest has been in the business of developing highly specialized solutions for clinical researchers and has been a pioneer in Electronic Data Capture solutions with technologies like our unique ePaper Case Report Forms™.

Our staff’s decades of experience in clinical research operations and technologies allows us to better serve our partners by matching operational workflow with study design.

Med-Quest has powered a multitude of trials totaling tens of thousands of participants and billions of data points. Our partners include several major universities and world-class hospitals as well as a number of CROs.

Whether you’re with a top hospital or you’re just getting started in clinical research, we have the expertise to improve your operations and a commitment to all of our partners large and small that they will all receive the same world-class service when they choose us.

Our Values

Your data is more than just letters and numbers, it's real progress. At Med-Quest we view research as a means for a better tomorrow for all of us. Beyond offering discounts to universities and non-profits, we do our part to contribute by donating spare CPU time to IBM's World Community Grid, which aims to better understand cancer, AIDS, Ebola and more.

Data Integrity


Both our systems and our staff are commited to ensuring that your data is collected and maintained properly. Our systems are fully redundant and our mission is delivering the best solutions for capturing and storing your clinical trials data.

Effective Research


Our solutions empower researchers to do more with less. Flexible, scalable solutions and industry expertise let us meet the needs of your specific study, no matter the sample size, study length or collection complexity.

Peace of Mind


When you work with us you can rest assured that your trial data is in good hands. Our commitments to safety, integrity and efficiency are absolute. Let us worry about your data so you can live with less stress.

Participant Safety


Our solutions improve the safety of your participants in cases of adverse events and keep your participant’s private information safe with security exceeding HIPAA and the FDA guidance on Computerized Systems Used in Clinical Trials.