Using a computerized system designed to capture clinical data in an electronic format is nothing new. The partner you choose for electronic data capture and data management is the most important project decision you will make. The most difficult part is finding the right fit and the right technology for your needs. The Med-Quest approach is intuitive, flexible, robust, scalable and cost effective. Since 2003 Med-Quest has been providing innovative solutions to leading industry and academic partners. Med-Quest handles simple programs with ease. We then step up our game to handle hundreds of sites, thousand of participants and complex multi-year follow-ups. From initial concept through the final data archive we support you every step of the way. Our experience insures a knowledgeable approach and our size insures the very best support. Our pledge is to provide your program the best support and a successful outcome. Our leading edge technologies extend your data collection beyond to clinic. Whether you choose ePaper, eDairies or IVRS you program will execute faster and easier than you ever imagined possible. Call us today to setup a demonstration. Let us show you what a great partner can do.
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