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The Med-Quest System (Patent Pending) is designed to capture key patient information and then provide that information to the patient, physician(s) and other care givers efficiently.  This allows the patient to monitor themselves better and take more personal responsibility for their own care and allows the physician to have more and better data to make ongoing clinical decisions for the patient. The Med-Quest System can organize and report any digitally captured physiological or physical measurements. The system can also collect any patient reported information such as health status and quality of life.  The system can also deliver educational information in the form of text, pictures, illustrations and/or videos. The initial implementation of Med-Quest is with a combined Glucometer and Blood Pressure unit. However, the system is designed to handle any number of physiological devices provided they can connect via BlueTooth.  There are two connected parts of the Med-Quest System: Med-Quest Mobile: This is the Personal Medical Assistant (PMA) Unit (a PDA) that is physically located with the patient (usually in their home).  This unit is connected, via BlueTooth, to the devices that are collecting physiological or physical data.  Med-Quest Mobile is connected to a BlueTooth modem that transmits the data over a standard analog telephone line. This PMA can also be used to remind and educate patients on key Care Plan elements like diet, exercise, standard monitoring, etc. The communication with Med-Quest Mobile is two-way so that any modifications to the patient care plan can be sent to the PMA remotely. When it is time for the patient to measure their glucose, blood pressure, etc.; the PMA chimes and tells the patient exactly what to do.  This can include graphics on “how to” instructions to assist the patient. The PMA can prompt, receive and report on any digitally collected physiological or physical measures and patient reported information.  The unit can prompt, ask and record other information relevant to the patient care plans including behavioral reminders and the collection of key questionnaire information from the patient (quality of life, health status, exercise tolerance, etc.) Med-Quest Mobile PMA   Med-Quest Mobile Components - Example Med-Quest Intelligence: This is the back-end system that collects the data from Med-Quest Mobile and communicates any care plan changes to Med-Quest Mobile.  The data is collected and organized in a secure environment.  Med-Quest Intelligence can then generate alerts and reports based on this data.  It can also send this data to an EMR so that this critical information is available to the clinician when they are evaluating a patient and making clinical decisions. It can also provide this information to the patient to allow them to set goals, track trends and constantly/consistently monitor their key health indicators. The system can also provide population trends and information that is valuable to the payer. Med-Quest Intelligence provides all of the key data captured to the appropriate stake holder at the time, and in the format that can be most useful to improving the health status of the patient.
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