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The majority of clinical research form collection is still paper based. The challenge of using computers and the internet to collect information directly from research participants has long been promised and short on delivery. Because standard research forms are validated data collection instruments, the information collected from these forms has been studied and statistically validated to insure the information collected are true measurements of the respondents.  This means the research tools can’t change the visual presentation on the information without voiding the validation nature of the form.   The challenges of collecting paper based forms have long been recognized. In the past clinical research collected validated clinical research forms and relied on research assistances to transcript the responses into crude rendered electronic forms. During the transcription user entry errors where often introduced. To eliminate the transcription errors clinical design would conduct double entry of each form from independent research assistants. The duplicate entries were when compared and discrepancies were investigated and resolved by research coordinators.  All of this workflow requires an auditing process to insure the accuracy of the collected data. The cost and time required to produce accurate results is a difficult reality of this process. The present reality is the majority of the clinical research population now has access to cells phone, email and the World Wide Web.  Med-Quest™ leverages these technologies and delivers the validated clinical research forms on the research subject’s home computer. The forms appear identical to the paper and allow easy data entry.  Our ePaper forms include complex data validation to insure proper completion. The Med-Quest study design tools allow researchers to easily manage the scheduling and deliver forms. Med-Quest has demonstrated to ability to complete clinical research forms accurately, securely and reliability from the participant’s home. Med-Quest eliminates the cost and times wasted in transcribing clinical research forms. The Med-Quest scheduling mechanisms are automatic the only interventions required by researches are when forms are not completed on schedule.
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