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SMS Prominence Good News for Clinical Researchers, Doctors and Patients

As time and technology have progressed, humans have seen a real shift from stagnant, hard-to-use communication, to mobile technology that can, essentially, be used remotely all across the globe. As a result of this change and progression, there has been a stark surge in the utilization of SMS messaging, especially in the healthcare industry. [...]

Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) – Changing the Face of Clinical Trials

Patient reported outcomes have played a central role in clinical trials since long before the importance of randomization, placebo controlling and blinding were realized. They provide a great subjective measure of the patient’s condition. In the age of smartphones, patient reported outcomes are still recorded with plain old paper and pen. Paper has provided us [...]

Electronic Data Capture

Using a computerized system designed to capture clinical data in an electronic format is nothing new. The partner you choose for electronic data capture and data management is the most important project decision you will make. The most difficult part is finding the right fit and the right technology for your needs. The Med-Quest approach [...]

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