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Electronic data capture is an invaluable tool for clinical research and disease management. The strength of this technology is know and widely accepted. Year after year a parade of new “revolutionary” medical devices is introduced into to market. These devices are lucky to live a couple years in the clinical research space and then fade [...]

2017-07-10T16:01:25-04:00 March 11th, 2014|Clinical Research, Data Registries, Investment|

Clinical Research Forms from Paper to ePaper

The majority of clinical research form collection is still paper based. The challenge of using computers and the internet to collect information directly from research participants has long been promised and short on delivery. Because standard research forms are validated data collection instruments, the information collected from these forms has been studied and statistically validated [...]

2014-09-24T16:08:48-04:00 February 24th, 2014|Clinical Research, Data Registries|

Med-Quest for collecting patient reported outcomes

The Med-Quest System (Patent Pending) is designed to capture key patient information and then provide that information to the patient, physician(s) and other care givers efficiently.  This allows the patient to monitor themselves better and take more personal responsibility for their own care and allows the physician to have more and better data to make [...]

2017-07-10T16:04:03-04:00 January 17th, 2014|Clinical Research, Tele-Health Topics, Wireless Data Collection|